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Shower Stall Guys installs shower stall with seats of varied sizes and designs. The main aim of this modification is to provide the right kind of environment for a shower user to relax in a best preferred way while in the shower stall may be right after taking a shower. Shower Stall Guys also makes Shower Stalls where the seats come in larger sizes to take care of the same relaxation but in this case for more than a single person in case of romantic escapades.


Positioning of the seat

If there is a seat in a shower stall Shower Stall Guys ensures that the seat is positioned in such a way that that is safe from reach of water in case the seat is not waterproof and even in the case of waterproof seats they should not be in the direct direction that the water is pouring from the shower head. Seats are normally placed in a positioning that a seated user can be able to see their reflection on a mirror to enable them shave comfortably.


The seat material

Shower Stalls may come with seats manufactured by different kinds of material assembled by Shower Stall Guys. Expert's advice that certain forms of material are not suitable for making shower stall seats for instance wood is highly undesirable in construction of shower seats due to its vulnerability to decay in the presence of abundant water. Contact us today via 888-256-3940 to get Shower Stalls with the best fitted seats bound to last as long as the stall itself. The seat material should be made from products that are highly water resistant such as an extension of the material used to construct the shower stall itself. This way the only additional stuff supplied by Shower Stall Guys may be the cushions and water resistant covers whenever they are needed.

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Accessibility for special groups

Having a cool or warm relaxing shower is almost as crucial as a human right. Shower Stall Guys constructs Shower Stalls that are usable to all groups of people including the elderly and the physically challenged. These kinds of Shower Stalls have low seats for the guy with a wheelchair to move over from the wheelchair to the seat easily and relax just like anybody. These models are also fitted with moulded-in textured floors and low thresholds that allow wheelchair access, and also factory-installed grab bars. To acquire such specialised Shower Stalls with seats for special groups dial 888-256-3940 to place an order.

Advantages of shower stalls with seats

Seats in Shower Stalls are such a refreshing package such that very few people cannot look at it as a refreshing idea. Seats can be more helpful than for basic comfort and relaxation especially to people who have back pains and complications that may limit them from taking a shower in the normal way. They are also quite helpful to the elderly who get tired and wear out very easily and can therefore take breaks in between taking a shower. They also allow shower stall users to take their time in the shower stall as a form of comfort bathing.

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