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A shower stall is an individual compartment or self-contained unit, having a single shower and accommodating one person. Although shower stalls are naturally made to provide a sense of privacy in the shower, Shower Stall Guys constructs shower stalls that are spacious enough for a person to be able to move around and even seat for them to enjoy the ambient and relaxing environment that a shower stall should be.

Texture of finishing material

Shower stalls from Shower Stall Guys come finished with varied material such as reinforced glass that is smooth in texture. This enables the individuals using the shower to feel at ease from hurting their body and is even free to lean on while having a shower. A shower stall manufactured by Shower Stall Guys is characterised by a finishing material that has a well refined texture and is beneficial in that the fine texture prevents shower dirt e.g. foam from accumulating on it.

Lighting of the shower stall

Experts from Shower Stall Guys advice that a shower should be well lit basically for proper visibility but not necessarily brightly lit. This implies that it is possible to even use varied colour themes in your shower stall. For installation of lighting systems of your choice, dial 888-256-3940 today to contact Shower Stall Guys for a rich variety of lighting systems in your shower stall.

Permeability of light

Permeability of light in a shower stall depends on the preference of the user. This notwithstanding Shower Stall Guys provides opaque shower stalls for individuals where the users have private houses and may need individual shower stalls, and also for instances where mass bathing is involved where the opaque shower stall can enable the individual to have some privacy. Contact Shower Stall Guys today via 888-256-3940 to also order transparent and translucent shower stalls that mostly work best in private residencies. This is because these shower stall can be placed in personal rooms and therefore privacy is guaranteed.


The position that the shower stall is being placed should be constructed in such a way that there is an efficient drainage system beneath it to prevent flooding which may cause a nuisance in the room or even in the whole house. Contact Shower Stall Guys today for installation of shower stalls and configuration of its drainage along with the rest of the house drainage system.

Positioning of the shower head

After installing your shower stall, it is important to get creative with your space by deciding which is the best place to place the shower head, for instance corner shower heads installed by Shower Stall Guys serve to utilise the shower stall space to the maximum such that the user can stand at any point in the stall and still get washed up. Overhead shower heads are also desirable to some users where the shower stall space is large and it is mostly used for relaxation and unwinding. This way the relaxation area is free from splashing water. An added advantage of overhead shower heads in shower stalls is easier drainage since the water concentrates to a central point.

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